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  • I have always found it to be a pleasure dealing with Jackson. He has looked after all my loan needs over the years. He is the first point of call for any questions I have and is always willing to assist. I would highly recommend Jackson for his attention to detail, knowledge and communication.

    Jaki Morris Avatar Jaki Morris
    17 March 2022
  • Jackson was such a big help with my home loan. He was constantly keeping me up to date with it's progress and was always available whenever I had questions. Friendly, transparent, and a great communicator - I couldn't recommend Jackson enough!

    yippykiyay 89 Avatar yippykiyay 89
    8 March 2022
  • Jackson went above and beyond to help me secure my first house and with no headache at all! I couldn’t be happier with the service he has shown, definitely will pass your number on! Thanks again!

    Sam Bourke Avatar Sam Bourke
    7 March 2023
  • Jackson was an absolute delight to work with and kept me up to date every step of the way. It was quick, easy and efficient every step of the way. A pleasure to deal with, along with 5 star service. I highly recommend Jackson.

    Jacinta Huntington Avatar Jacinta Huntington
    5 July 2022
  • I have worked with Jackson to secure multiple properties over the years and each time he has been an absolute pleasure. He always makes the whole process easy to understand and shares his professional opinion's and insight which puts me at ease. He goes above and beyond to answer all my questions and is always willing to support me in every way. Nothing is too big or too small! I really feel like he is invested in my journey and has my best interest at heart. I would 100% recommend Jackson to all of my friends and family. Friendly, professional and efficient!

    Lacy Ryan Avatar Lacy Ryan
    23 March 2022
  • We felt supported, confident, informed and at ease throughout the entire process. From the initial phone call to settlement, Jackson provided exceptional advice. Jackson provided the necessary information in a way that made sense, verbally over the phone and visually through emailed documents. His expertise was evident in that complex issues were discussed in a way that was understandable to us. We wouldn't hesitate in recommending Jackson's assistance in finding the best loans for anyone and we will reach out to him again for future loans. A++

    Ash Ryan Avatar Ash Ryan
    8 March 2022

What we do

Here at Mortgage Brokers Co Portsea, we’ll assess your current needs and present the best solutions available to you.

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Why choose us?

Low Overheads
Low Overheads

Unlike the big banks, we don’t have huge overheads. This means we don’t charge our customers fees.


We pride ourselves on the knowledge we have within our organisation.

Personalised Service
Personalised Service

Why go for a cookie cutter fix? We personalise our service to suit all your needs.

Approval Time
Approval Time

We have systems in place to quicken up the approval process. Let us show you how!


We make sure we keep you informed and up to date through the whole process.

Best Interest Duty

We follow the Best Interest Duty which is mandated by the Royal Commission. Therefore you can trust us to do the right thing the first time, every time.

Our lending partners

Jackson McCarthy

Jackson McCarthy

Managing Director

Meet Jackson, our Managing Director of Mortgage Brokers Co. He has dedicated his professional career to assisting clients achieve their financial goals, while always having the client’s best interests at heart. Boasting years of experience in the lending space, Jackson brings both his industry knowledge and expertise to get you mortgage ready today.

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Mortgage Brokers Co offers personalised, transparent lending direct to you. We go above and beyond to ensure that your home loan and asset finance needs are met with no hidden costs.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What should you look for when choosing a mortgage broker?

    Look at how many lenders are on the broker's panel. It is important for your chosen mortgage broker to have access to all the main lending institutions, including the big four banks, second-tier lenders and credit unions.

    Is it better to get a home loan through a broker?

    It's usually more beneficial to get a home loan through a mortgage broker than directly through a lender or bank. Mortgage brokers are a one-stop shop that are able to provide you with many more lending options than just your everyday bank. 

    What is a mortgage broker and how do they work?

    A mortgage broker is essentially a middleman between you and the lender. They assess your finances and borrowing power, then come up with a list of home loans for you to choose from.

    When you're ready to take on a home loan, you can visit your nearest bank or credit union and put in an application, right? You may be approved, but it will be a general approach and potentially could cost you more in the long run. Getting a home loan isn’t easy and getting one suited to your personal situation is even harder.  Enter your new best friend: an experienced mortgage broker.

    The benefits of a mortgage broker are no secret and over 70% of Australian homebuyers see a mortgage broker for their home loan. Let’s explore in more detail…

    What does a Mortgage Broker do?

    A mortgage broker deals with multiple lenders offering a smorgasbord of home loan products and acts as a go-between for lenders and borrowers. Most brokers will have access to approximately 90% of the 1800+ home loans on the market. They are experts on the different types of loans available, how different lenders work and what their requirements are before they agree to the loan. They can sift through all these mortgage products for you, recommend those they feel best suit your needs and help you through the gauntlet of the lender’s requirements, so you secure the loan. A mortgage broker helps you find the right type of home loan for your needs.

    How much does a mortgage broker cost?

    Usually nothing! Most brokers are paid a commission by the lenders they deal with. However, some brokers charge fees instead of or on top of their commission so check first to find out their fee structure – it will really depend upon the services they provide. As with any advisor, shop around until you find the person you feel most comfortable with – that is, one you feel has the greatest knowledge and your best interests at heart. Look for someone with experience who understands the industry and who listens to what you are after.

    How do I work with a broker?

    You need to clearly explain to the broker what your financial situation is currently and what your plans are. The broker will assess your situation and work out the maximum home loan a lender is likely to allow you and calculate other upfront costs you will need apart from a deposit, such as stamp duty and legal fees. 

    Your broker will then work out which lender(s) and home loan product(s) are most suitable and guide you through the application process. It’s important to be upfront with him or her about any financial problems in your past that might lead to your application being rejected. 

    The lender’s credit assessor will check your credit file for the past five years. If they see that you were late with any other loan or credit card payments for a period of time, they may interpret this as you being irresponsible with money, so make sure you honestly explain to your broker the circumstance which led to any late payment issues so he or she can fill in your ‘story’ for the credit assessor in a more positive light. 

    Once your loan has been pre-approved by a lender, you can jump up and down with joy and hug your broker. Your broker will continue to guide you through the process until the settlement of your purchase and can offer guidance on other products you may need such as loan protection insurance.

    So, is that why a mortgage broker can become your new best friend?

    A knowledgeable, industry-savvy and genuinely helpful mortgage broker can save you a great deal of time and money, not just with your first home purchase but for subsequent home loans and investment loans in years to come. 

    So take time finding a broker you can trust implicitly, who explains everything clearly in simple language and will go the distance to set you up securely for the future.

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